1. Throwbacking to one of my favorite photos of myself.

    Photo by : Angel Abellanosa

  2. I’ll let you two lovebirds enjoy the show!

    BTW The answer before this post is Sunrise.

  3. Sunrise or Sunset?

  4. 4:30 am

  5. Bohol 2014 Part 2

    At Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP)

  6. Bohol 2014 Part 1

    *Long Overdue Post

  7. Bohol 2014

  8. Another photo from my shoot with Xinqi. Will be posting more soon when I edit the other photos properly.

  9. Hey Guys!! I’m back!! Sorry for not posting that much lately. It’s just that I’ve been spending my whole summer at home deprived from having fun under the sun and from taking random photos of random things thus I have nothing to post on my blog. Plus.. I don’t have my phone because its being repaired in manila and I can’t get it back for a month which is sad because I usually take and edit my photos using my phone and without it my blog suffers.

  10. A sneak peak on my shoot with Xinqi the other day.

  11. On The Pursuit Of Happiness…

  12. 02142014 // The Wayfarer

    Long Sleeved Button Down: Topman / Jeans: Oxygen / Shoes: Sperry Top Sider / Bag: Oxygen / Watch: Mark & Spencer / Specs: Artwork

    You’d probably wonder why I’m not wearing my school uniform in school, well, it’s because our school president gave us the privilege to wear anything on Valentines Day. The title of this post is pretty relevant to what I did with my friends yesterday when we had an unexpected trip around Cebu City.

    Photo Credits: Angel Abellanosa